1892 British Medical Corps Officer Sword

This is a very nice example of an Officer sword from the British (or Commonwealth) Medica Corps. This specific branch of the Army kept on carrying the 1892 pattern up until around 1920. It is clearly identified by the Rod of Asclepius and the motto of the Medical Corps. This one dates from the reign of Edward VII (1901-1910) but could have been carried for a much longer time.

This specific example was made by Pillin, one of the best sword makers in Britain, and retailed by Hawkes in London, which was possibly one of the few retailers to carry this pattern, seeing by how commonly it is seen.

This is a fairly scarce pattern, having been limited to the few members of the Medical Corps at the time. This example is in near prisitne condition, with very light patina on the blade. It does not have a scabbard, but could be easily replaced if need be.

Price: 400$ CAD + Shipping (contact me for a quote)

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