Shinto wakizashi

This wakizashi dates from the Shinto era (late 16th century to mid 18th), and could perhaps be older as it was cut down from a longer blade. This wakizashi is in need of some love. The scabbard is split and missing its fittings, the ito was varnished by a previous owner and is now brittle,... Continue Reading →


1831 French infantry Gladius

This is the typical gladius which equipped the French infantry. This one was made by Coulaux in Klingenthal in the early 1830s.  It is in good condition. The assembly is very tight with no rattle. It has marks of oxidation all along the blade, and a few minor nicks around the edges. Price: 200$ CAD... Continue Reading →

French Briquet Sabre An XI

This is a great example of a Napoleonic briquet made by the Chaillot company in Dijon. It comes with the original leather scabbard as well as the red felt washer which very rarely survives, let alone in its original color. Price: 450 $ CAD + Shipping (contact me for a quote)

French Light Cavalry An XI Sabre

The An XI sabre was the typical weapon of Napoleon's Light Cavalry. This example is told to have been found on the field of Waterloo, but I cannot guarantee the veracity of this story. It is in a relic state, with most of the wooden grip core gone. The blade is heavily pitted, and warped... Continue Reading →

Indian tulwar – 19th century

This tulwar is a typical example of the mid to late 19th century, made famous by Indian warriors since the 16th century. This example is in fine shape. The tip has a slight warp and a few chips. The blade is decorated on each sides and is not only fixed by resin, as is traditionally done,... Continue Reading →

French 1866 Chassepot Bayonet

The chassepot bayonet is one of the most popular and influential of the 19th century. This specific example was made at the St-Étienne factory, just in the last few months of the Franco-Prussian War. Price: 100$ CAD + Shipping (contact me for a quote)

Pair of Klingenthal Foils

This pair of late 19th century foils were made in Klingenthal by the Coulaux company. The hilts are slightly loose, which could be fixed. Price: 200$ CAD + Shipping (contact me for a quote)

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