An XI Briquet – French Marines – 500$ CAD

This is a Napoleonic An XI (1802-1803) infantry briquet. This example is interesting for a few reasons. First off its scabbard is marked with an anchor, associating it with the French Marines who were stationed on board French vessels. These are fairly scarce, but as there is no matching mark on the briquet itself I... Continue Reading →


French Revolution Hanger – Petit Montmorency – 1000$ CDN

This type of sabre equipped all sides during the French revolution, but was made famous by the Garde Nationale, in which Napoleon was affected his early military career. Although most of these sabres follow a certain model, they all differ slightly as no strict guidelines covered their dimensions or appearance. The name petit Montmorency came... Continue Reading →

Sold- French Officer Smallsword

This example of an officer smallsword of the 1767 pattern is equipped with an extra large blade, visibly similar to an "épée de soldat" blade. It is possible that this would be an early version for which the armourer reused remaining blades from the previous 1680 pattern. The blade has an hollow grind, making it... Continue Reading →

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