Briquet Sabre – 175$ CAD

This briquet is currently unidentified, bearing only a unit marking on the guard. The blade is uniformly pitted, while the scabbard is in fair condition, with one crease in the middle and the frog button missing. Price: 175$ CAD


1767 French Officer Smallsword – 600$ CAD

A nice example of a 1767 pattern smallsword, with the classical triangular blade. The 1767 equipped French infantry officers - and even American ones - until the French Revolution and even throughout. This sword is in great shape, with a nice patina on the blade, no pitting, and solid fittings. If you are looking for... Continue Reading →

AN XI French Briquet Sabre – 300$ CAD

This is a typical example of a famous briquet, as used by the elite troops of Napoleon's army. Based on the stamps on the guard, this briquet was made between 1809 and 1811 at the Versailles factory. It is in relatively good shape, with a very slight movement at the handle (the wooden shims have... Continue Reading →

Blackjack Walking Stick – 300$ CAD

This is a rare form of weaponized cane which contains not a sword, a dagger or even a gun, but a blackjack. Based on the nickel plating, the style and the use of rubber, I would say this particular cane probably dates from the early 1900s. The blackjack is made of a metal tip, attached... Continue Reading →

Solingen cane sword – 100$ CAD

For sale, this cane sword made with a sharpened foil blade made in Solingen. This cane probably dates from the mid 19th century. The shaft is of bamboo, which¬†is split in some places. The blade does not go completely in the scabbard, but this could be fixed with a bit of work, hence the low... Continue Reading →

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