My name is Maxime Chouinard. I am a sword collector, museum curator and martial arts instructor living in Canada. I have been collecting antique swords for more than 10 years, regularly acquiring new pieces, and as a result I also rotate them frequently. I have then created this website as a page to advertise the swords I am currently selling.

As I am not a professional dealer, I try to keep my prices relatively low. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an offer. All swords are, to the best of my knowledge, genuine antiques. I do not sell fakes or replicas of any kind, and will include any repairs including replacement of parts in my listings. As a museum professional, I have a reputation to maintain and it is important to me to be absolutely honest about what I sell. I work in a medical museum, and keep a separation between my professional work and my personal collection.

I am also open to negotiate the price on most of these swords, so don’t hesitate to make me an offer.

Please note that I do not sell swords to people under 18, and I am not responsible of what you would choose to do after you acquire one. Swords are weapons and must be handled safely and responsibly.

Thank you for visiting this website and let me know if you have any questions. To be kept aware of new arrivals you can subscribe to this page, or simply send me an email and ask to be added to the mailing list.

I also sell on Ebay! 

Some comments from past clients:

I was initially nervous ordering a sword that I hadn’t handled and from another country, however my fears were unfounded. After purchase things proceeded like clockwork, regular correspondence and prompt delivery. Upon delivery the packaging was excellent, and the sword itself exactly as described. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another sword from isellswords.com again. Fantastic service all round.

James Round, UK


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  1. Do you buy? I inherited a French smallsword, a Spanish rapier and a main-gauche dagger, and I have no heirs who might be interested in them so I am looking to sell.


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