SOLD – 1908 British Cavalry Sword – Royal Canadian Dragoons

This sword was made in 1915 by Enfield, and probably carried by a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons. The RCD is one of the first cavalry regiments of the Canadian army, and participated in the First World War fighting in France and Flanders. This particular sword was acquired in France. The only regimental mark... Continue Reading →


SOLD- 18th century Indian Tulwar

For sale, this very nice example of a wootz steel Indian tulwar, most probably made in the 18th century.  The blade is in the style of a shamshir, and the sabre was confiscated from Indian soldiers fleeing to Nepal after the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The sharp blade has some pitting, but the wootz pattern... Continue Reading →

SOLD- French Officer Smallsword

This example of an officer smallsword of the 1767 pattern is equipped with an extra large blade, visibly similar to an "épée de soldat" blade. It is possible that this would be an early version for which the armourer reused remaining blades from the previous 1680 pattern. The blade has an hollow grind, making it... Continue Reading →

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