Sold – Napoleonic infantry hanger

This sword was likely made during the Napoleonic wars and includes elements that can be found in many different sabres from the french army. The handle is an interesting mix of the design of an Imperial Guard briquet and an An IX cavalry officer sabre. This sword was likely carried by an infantry officer as no official... Continue Reading →

Sold – An XI French Briquet – marked

The briquet is one of the most iconic sabres produced during the First Empire. It equipped all line infantry soldiers and was used as a weapon and a tool. This particular example is an An XI pattern (1802) and still shows some of its original marks. The spine is marked Manufacture Impériale, and while unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Sold – Bulova Indian battle Axe

The bulova is a typical form of Indian battle axe which was used for several centuries. This example is of a very rudimentary design but surprisingly lightweight, with a very simple blade which retains some edge and a roughly shaped wooden shaft. It dates possibly from the 19th century. The brass wire is probably not... Continue Reading →

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