Sold – 1897 Infantry Officer by Pillin – WW1 dated and attributed

It is rare to find an 1897, apart from a Wilkinson, which can be specifically pointed to WW1, as George V whose cipher can be found on these blades reigned from 1910 to 1936. This sword is such a rare find.

If not for a few faint blemishes, one could believe that this sword had been issued yesterday. The blade is in pristine condition, and even the frost etching is still incredibly crisp. Even the tip of the sword is scarily sharp. The guard is solid, and the scabbard only shows moderate wear in the leather, which is still very supple. The scabbard is very tight, which is not unusual for wooden scabbards.

It even comes with its original leather sword knot, still supple and solid and probably tied the same way it had been on its last active day.

The sword was made by one of England’s top sword maker, Pillin, and as is common with his 1897s it is slightly beefier than many of its contemporary. This is a sword meant for battle.

What really sets this sword apart from most is that the name of the former owner, C (or G) Batchelor is etched as well as the date it was received, 1915. Unfortunately, the Pillin ledgers have disappeared, but research could reveal who Batchelor was.

If you ever wanted to own an 1897, this is a great quality example for your collection.


Please contact me ( if you are interested or have any questions.

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