SOLD – Prussian rural police sabre

This sabre was made in 1888 for a rural police officer linked to the Prussian army. It is an uncommon model of great quality. The assembly is extremely solid, with all the proof marks down to the peen. The pipeback blade is in excellent shape, as is the scabbard. SOLD

SOLD – 16th century composite rapier

This is an interesting example of a late 16th century rapier in the Saxon style, or reitschwert. This sword sports a late 16th century hilt forged and brazed, with an early 17th century rapier pommel, and a 17th century German blade. The grip was possibly built in the 19th century or earlier, when the whole... Continue Reading →

Sold – German fighting knife

Also known as the boot knife, this type of blade was introduced in WW1 and continued to be used in WW2. This particular example┬áis of the single edged clip point variant, and probably dates from WW2. It is in pristine condition, with only some of the scabbard's paint missing. These knives are relatively rare, as... Continue Reading →

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