SOLD – 16th century composite rapier

This is an interesting example of a late 16th century rapier in the Saxon style, or reitschwert. This sword sports a late 16th century hilt forged and brazed, with an early 17th century rapier pommel, and a 17th century German blade. The grip was possibly built in the 19th century or earlier, when the whole sword was assembled.

The ricasso has original swordsmith marks, along with some later fleur de lys. It was lenghtened to fit the hilt by brazing two steel blocks where the ricasso ends, and is nearly invisible unless observed very closely.

The guard has a rough forge finish on the inside, with file marks, showing that it was probably meant has a soldier sidearm. The blade is in good shape for it’s age, with a thorough patination on most of the surface, and was visibly well sharpened during it’s life. It too was visibly meant as a weapon of war first and foremost.

The whole sword is fairly long and massive, but was carefully put together and still maintains a good balance. The steel wire grip is splendid with it’s helix shape.

This is a great opportunity to own a rapier with original parts, and expert built, at a reasonable price. Such a rapier, would it be completely original, would sell easily for twice this price.


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