Sold- Steel French smallsword ca.1750

This smallsword is a perfect example of the 18th century gentleman dueling sword. The slender blade is carried effortlessly in the hand and is incredibly fast and agile. The steel hilt is not the fanciest material for a hilt, but it is assuredly the sturdiest. The triangular blade bears some baroque engravings at the forte... Continue Reading →

Sold – Borneo Mandau

This is the traditional weapon and work tool of the Borneo Dayak. The Mandau is usually passed on as inheritance, and you can see that this particular example has lived a full life. Although the handle is cracked, it is still very solid and nicely balanced. The scabbard is a beautiful work of art, and... Continue Reading →

Sold – George V 1831 General Staff Saber

A rare Mameluke type General Staff sabre of the 1831 pattern. This type of sabre was inspired by swords carried during the Napoleonic Wars by different officers, including the Duke of Wellington. This particular example bears the cypher of George V. The presence of real ivory on the grip scales also indicates that the blade dates... Continue Reading →

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