Sold – George V 1831 General Staff Saber

A rare Mameluke type General Staff sabre of the 1831 pattern. This type of sabre was inspired by swords carried during the Napoleonic Wars by different officers, including the Duke of Wellington.

This particular example bears the cypher of George V. The presence of real ivory on the grip scales also indicates that the blade dates from before the First World War, before ivorine became widely used.

The blade and scabbard are in excellent condition, with only very small areas of corrosion near the tip. The tassel is lightly frayed around the hilt due to friction, but this is to be expected on an example of this age. The grip has slight missing parts near the hilt, but nothing serious. The rosettes are not original to this particular blade, but are authentic parts.

The blade has a serial number and a proof mark, but otherwise no maker’s mark can be found, which is not unusual for swords of this era.

This type of sword is very rarely found on the market, and is usually sold at twice the price that is proposed here, if not more.


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

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