Sold – 1897 Infantry Officer by Pillin – WW1 dated and attributed

It is rare to find an 1897, apart from a Wilkinson, which can be specifically pointed to WW1, asĀ George V whose cipher can be found on these blades reigned from 1910 to 1936. This sword is such a rare find. If not for a few faint blemishes, one could believe that this sword had been... Continue Reading →


Sold -1821 British Cavalry Officer pipeback sabre – by Gibbons

This is a gorgeous example of the 1821 officer sabre made by a scarce maker or retailer: J. Gibbons of Canterbury. It is rare that engravings remain on earlier blades as they tend to be fairly shallow, but in this case the blade is in pristine condition. This early Victorian sabre was likely made for... Continue Reading →

Sold – 1908 British Cavalry sword

The 1908 is one of the most famous swords for having been used in the First World War, and being one of the last swords created for combat. Although usually used by troopers, this particular one might have been used by an officer, judging by the cut down scabbard's rings. This is a practice that... Continue Reading →

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