Sold – 1845 Rifles Officer Sabre by Mole

For sale this unusual example of a Rifles Officer sabre of the 1845 pattern (with Wilkinson designed blade). The blade is in pristine shape, with no corrosion. The blade is unmarked, except for the usual etchings of a Victorian Rifle Regiment.

It does bear the usual proof mark of Mole, one of the top sword makers in England at the time. It is the second time I run across a unmarked Mole blade which also bears empty attribution spaces. It is possible that this blade was sold by Mole to a retailer who did not inscribe his name, which was common practice at the time. The blade is slender, making it an agile and swift blade, but still able to deliver good cuts.

What makes this sword rather unique is the hilt. It has the usual Rifles steel guard, which is larger and more solid that its regular brass infantry counterpart, but it is covered in silver gilt, which is something I have not seen before. Silver gilt means that the base metal (in this case steel) was plated in silver, which was itself covered in gold lacquer. Through years of polishing, the lacquer is now mostly gone, revealing the underlying silver plating, but it remains in many spots, retaining a unique look.

The saber also comes with its original scabbard sporting a patina quite usual for its age.

The overall sword is in splendid condition with no twist, cracks or any loose part.


Please contact me ( if you are interested or have any questions.

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