1892 Canadian Rifles Officer Sword

This is a nice example of a Victorian Officer sword from a Rifles regiment. The sword was retailed by J.E. Austen of Toronto. and was likely made between 1892 and 1901. The overall sword is in fine condition. The scabbard as a few scuff marks, and the sword shows minimal patina. The blade was replated... Continue Reading →

Cuban officer sabre

This sabre was likely made around 1935 to 1940 for an officer of the Republic of Cuba. The inscription Ejército Constitucional refers to the national army, who took this name in 1935. Interestingly, the inscription on the reverse was scrubbed off, possibly following a change of government. This sword is in near pristine condition, with... Continue Reading →

Katar Scissor Dagger

For sale, one of the most unique weapon of India. This katar opens by the pull of the upper grip and reveals an inner third blade. The spring is quite stiff, and probably much more so than it once was, but the mechanism still functions.The hilt shows some remaining silver koftgari, and the blade has... Continue Reading →

1845/1895 British Infantry Officer Sabre

This sabre was likely that of an officer who acquired his sword prior to 1895 when the new sword pattern was introduced. As there was more leeway in terms of blades than hilts, some officers elected to simply have their former blades rehilted. This is one example of such a fantastic sabre, bringing the classical... Continue Reading →

Mexican cutlass

This is a fairly scarce type of sabre that is found in Mexico and probably dates from the last part of the 19th century. It is highly recognizable due to the very unique thumb piece on the top of the grip, and its very particular Bowie knife type ricasso. This particular example seems to have... Continue Reading →

1822 French Light Cavalry Sabre

This 1822 trooper sabre was made in 1877 in Chatellerault and probably used at least until 1887 when the one ring scabbard was introduced for this pattern. This sword had its point shortened and resharpened sometime in its life. The scabbard is slightly bent, but the blade is straight. The sword was rehilted and soldered... Continue Reading →

1804 British Cutlass

For sale, this very nice example of a staple of naval warfare: the 1804 British cutlass. The 1804 was produced until 1814, but continued to be carried aboard ships of the Royal Navy until its replacement by the 1845 pattern, no doubt owning to its extremely simple and resilient construction.This 1804 has had a full... Continue Reading →

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