SOLD – Very rare Austrian 1798 NCO Heavy cavalry Pallasch

This is a very rare and elusive sword designed for non commissioned officers of the Austrian army serving in heavy cavalry regiments in the early days of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. This sword was made by Fischer, and bears all his marks including the arrow. Another interesting detail are the royal monograms of Francis II, then Holy Roman Emperor. Francis lost this title in 1806, when he simply became Francis I, emperor of Austria. I have seen few 1798s bearing this cypher, as it would have been changed following 1806.

The sword is service sharpened, and still surprisingly sharp, owing to the great quality of the steel used. The blade and hilt show traces of superficial pitting and surface oxydation which create an interesting patina. The hilt is solid and does not rattle. Like almost every example known of this model, it does not come with a scabbard.

This is a rare pattern that is seldom seen in auctions, even more so with such markings. This is a sword that could have been used in some of the most famous battles of the Napoleonic wars like the campaign of Italy or even Austerlitz. A great piece for any afficionado of this period.


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