SOLD – French 1845 superior officer sabre – North African troops type

This is a good and rather scarce example of an 1845 infantry sabre for superior officer, mounted with a steel hilt in the style of the North African troops. Most of the example that can be found of this non regulation type usually come with the 1855 blade, probably owing to it’s great popularity under the 2nd Empire and Third Republic.

The blade is in near pristine shape, was service sharpened and is still somewhat sharp. It bears a Coulaux of Klingenthal inspector mark, putting it simply between 1845 and 1855. The hilt shows some mild to moderate pitting all over the surface, and remains of a gold paint are still present in certain areas. The grip is made of ebony, and has a few dents near the bottom, as is often the case with these. As is also common with the North African hilts, it never seem to have had any form of wire. The here a very slight movement at the guard that could potentially be solved by repairing the ebony grip.

The tinplate scabbard is in good overall shape, with a few dents, probably from being carried on a horse. It has only one ring, which could mean that it was still carried in 1882, or that the bottom one was lost, as they are held to the scabbard by friction and resin.

This is a good, complete example of a very well appreciated non regulation type. It’s state would make it ideal for someone looking for a handling piece for historical fencing.


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