Sold- 1828 Scottish baskethilt

A nice example of a George VI Scottish baskethilt broadsword. This is a model which saw little change since its inception in 1828, sporting a massive basket with a solid full tang blade. The basket liner is in excellent shape, while the ribbons connecting it to the basket have likely been replaced at some point.... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 1767 French Officer Smallsword

A nice example of a 1767 pattern smallsword, with the classical triangular blade. The 1767 equipped French infantry officers - and even American ones - until the French Revolution and even throughout. This sword is in great shape, with a nice patina on the blade, no pitting, and solid fittings. If you are looking for... Continue Reading →

Sold – 19th century Shashka

For sale, this rare example of a Shashka, probably dating from the 19th century. The sabre is in great shape with a few areas of light pitting and is still relatively sharp. The wooden grip is in excellent shape, very solid with no rattle. The scabbard is in rough shape, missing one of the suspension... Continue Reading →

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