Sold – 1828 Scottish Baskethilt by Wilkinson

This is a rare example of a baskethilt (or claymore as Wilkinson would call it) made by the Wilkinson company, renowned as the best swordmaker in Victorian Britain.

This specific sword was made in 1921 for T.C.G. Lefroy of the 2nd Highland Light Infantry. Even though it is a late example, it is still made to the best specifications of a Wilkinson fighting sword. In fact, the hexagonal proof mark indicates that this was a “Best Quality” blade, so one of the best blades by the best maker.

The basket has some lost to the nickel plating, and has a very small deformation to the rear. The grip is in great shape, with the original silver wire and no movement at all. The tang button is a recent repair. The basket liner is in ok shape. The leather is in good condition, but the red felt has some missing parts which could be replaced.

The blade is in excellent condition, with all of the beautiful frost etching intact.

The scabbard is also in excellent condition, with some areas of the nickel plating missing. The Sam Browne suspension (not pictured) is also included, but would need to be reattached. This part is very often missing out of British swords.

1828s are fairly rare, and command a high value with collectors. I am selling this piece at a relatively low price.


Please contact me ( if you are interested or have any questions.





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