SOLD – 1821/45 French Infantry Officer Sabre – non-regulation

This French sabre is an interesting hybrid as it marries an 1821 hilt with an 1845 blade. Judging by the patina of the peen, this was not a recent mix up, and is possibly the choice of an officer wanting a lighter hilt on his 1845, or an early adopter of the 1845 blade. The... Continue Reading →


SOLD- Tessen Tanto – Japanese dagger concealed as a fan

These types of tanto were popular in the Edo and Meiji era. This specific example probably dates from the later. The dagger is not a showroom piece, and was made simply to be used as a light concealed weapon. The blade is still fairly sharp, with traces of sharpening and very little surface discoloration. The... Continue Reading →

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