SOLD – French Revolution Hanger – Petit Montmorency

This type of sabre equipped all sides during the French revolution, but was made famous by the Garde Nationale, in which Napoleon was affected his early military career. Although most of these sabres follow a certain model, they all differ slightly as no strict guidelines covered their dimensions or appearance.

The name petit Montmorency came from the fact that they were inspired by cavalry sabres equipped with Montmorency blades.

These sabres were predominantly used by the infantry, although some were also used in the French Navy, or even by privateers.

This  specific example is rather long, and equipped with a Montmorency type blade with a partial secondary fuller. It is in good overall condition, with surface pitting on the blade, some cracks in the guard (none that are structurally important) and its original red felt washer. The scabbard is also present and in very good shape.


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