SOLD – 1767 French General Staff Smallsword

This sword is of the 1767 pattern, one of the first official pattern for officers of the French army. Based on the blade length (81 cm) as well as the gilt and richness of the fittings, this is likely a general staff sword. This is the same type carried by Lafayette during the American Revolution and given to Washington. It would have also been carried during the French Revolution.

1767 are one of the last iterations of the true smallsword in military form before it was replaced by the épée d’officier around the late 1780s.

The sword is in excellent shape, with a strong assembly, a blade in great condition, without any visible markings.

What makes this sword even more interesting is the presence of the original scabbard. Smallsword scabbards are incredibly rare as they tended to rot or be discarded. This scabbard is in excellent shape and very solid.


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