British 1822 Sergeant Sabre – George IV

This is a scarce example of an 1822 Sergeant Sabre with the hybrid quillback/fullered blade. The guard is marked with George IV's cypher, situating it between 1822 and 1830. It has a fairly large guard, forming nearly a half basket. The blade has some superficial pitting all over, but is otherwise in very good condition.... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 1750 Cut Steel Smallsword

For sale this very nice example of a gentleman smallsword from the mid 18th century. The hilt is decorated in a nice cut steel fashion, with coiled silver wire on copper plate. The blade is a classical triangular or carrelet shape, a bit worn down but still quite nice. Minimal pitting along the blade, the... Continue Reading →

SOLD – British 1845 Artillery Sabre

No one quite knows what these swords were used for, but many are marked to the Royal artillery, even though they come in a much smaller format, possibly for a unit serving in tighter quarters than your typical artilleryman.This specific sabre has no visible markings, is very tight and in good shape overall. The hilt... Continue Reading →

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