Takouba sabre

This is a very interesting example of a takouba, or Touareg sword, made using a western produced sabre. This was likely made in the early 20th century. The blade has some oxidation and warps. The scabbard is missing the drag. Price: 150$ CAD + Shipping (contact me for a quote)

Irish Rifles Officer 1845 Sabre

This rifles sabre was likely used by either a volunteer or Brigade officer serving in Ireland which we can tell by the harp and wreath of clovers. Very unusual, we have no royal monogram on the blade. We do have the British crown both on the guard and the blade, but the lack of any... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 19th century Stilletto Dagger

This is a fairly rare stilletto dagger, probably made in France in the 19th century. The triangular blade is etched with "souvenir" on one side. The whole assembly is steel, including the scabbard. A very solid and great addition to a knife collection. Total length: 21cm. SOLD

Reduced – Mexican Civil War Cutlass

This is a fairly scarce type of sabre that is found in Mexico and probably dates from the Mexican Civil War. It is highly recognizable due to the very unique thumb piece on the top of the grip, and its very particular Bowie knife type ricasso made in the tradition of many espada anchas. This... Continue Reading →

SOLD – Spanish Machete Reglamentario

These weapons are often known as Cuban machetes, and come with a variety of blades and hilts. They are particularly famous for having been used during the Cuban war of independence, but were issued to various officers serving in the Americas. This particular model was probably made in Germany, and bears the number 877. IT... Continue Reading →

SOLD – WW2 Australian 1907 Bayonet

This is a WW2 era Mangrovite bayonet of the 1907 pattern made in Australia in 1942. Mangrovite Arsenal bayonets are relatively scarce, and this example come with its original scabbard. The bayonet is very solid, with a few dents in the wooden grip. SOLD

SOLD -British 1856 “Yataghan” bayonet

A good and clean example of an 1856 sabre bayonet, or as it is called today a yataghan bayonet. It was originally made for the Enfield rifle, and later adapted to the Martini Henry. The leather on the grip is worn out, but very solid. No scabbard. SOLD

SOLD – Mensurschläger sword

This is a typical example of a schläger for mensur, a type of dueling that is practiced in certain German fraternities seeking to cut your opponent's face while protecting your own. This sword has some rust on the blade and patina on the guard, but would clean up nicely. It is missing the rope of... Continue Reading →

SOLD – Italian M1938 Carcano Bayonet

This is an original "second model" 1938 Carcano bayonet made for the Italian army. The first model had an unusual folding blade, which was judged unpractical. The second model was then made with a fixed blade and crossguard. This example is in great shape, with the original bluing nearly intact. SOLD

SOLD – German K98 Bayonet

In great shape with old gun oil on blade. No apparent makers mark on the bayonet, but the scabbard is marked "cul" which is the code for E.Pack & S and was made in 1941. Price: SOLD

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