SOLD – Napoleonic era Portuguese cavalry sword

For sale, a unique sword of Portuguese origin fitted on a Napolenic style hilt. The blade of this sword is marked “Viva Maria Rainha de Portugal”, which references Maria I of Portugual, who reigned on the country during the Peninsular war. The inscription is mostly faded, but is identical to similar ones used on bilbao type swords of the era.

The hilt is an interesting design which seems heavily French inspired, and perhaps built from some actual French parts. The guard seems identical to An XI type French sabre hilts, with a very typical cross hatched horn grip. The pommel cap is the most interesting piece, as it is similar to those used on the sailors of the Imperial Guard’s sabres, but not quite the same. It is also decorated with floral motifs around the peen.

The grip fits the overall shape of the guard, but is slightly too thin to do so perfectly. This could point to a replaced guard or grip, a shrunk grip, or perhaps a hasty built. There i a break in one of the branches of the guard, but it does not cause any movements, and could be repaired by a professional. There is some movement in the hilt which could be fixed by replacing the missing washer.

The blade is in good overall shape, and was visibly service sharpened. Overall, unique example of a turbulent period in Portuguese history, and a key point of the Napoleonic wars.


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