SOLD – French 1855 Infantry officer sabre

For sale, an 1855 sabre for a French infantry officer. This model replaced the 1845, with a fairly slight modification in the fullers. The 1845 had a secondary fuller running all the way to the guard, while the 1855 had it stop a few inches from it. The shoulder also changed from the usual blocky one to a round shape that gradually morphed with the rest of the blade.

Contrary to popular belief, the change from the 1845 to 1855 has nothing to do with the scabbard. In this case, the scabbard is for a post 1883 adjudant sabre. Whether this sword was fitted with a different scabbard later in life, or if it was put together using an 1855 blade during a massive war effort is not clear. The scabbard is heavily pitted, but still very solid.

The blade is in good shape, with some minimal pitting in places, and was service sharpened. No markings are visible. The guard is solid, though it was visibly repaired a few times.

Overall, this is a good example of a fighting sabre at a very affordable price.


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