SOLD – Ottoman 1909 infantry officer sabre

For sale, an interesting piece of WW1 history. A sabre made for the Ottoman army by Luigi Gazzan et fils. Not much seems to be known about the company, other than the fact it is exclusively found on Ottoman swords of the era.

The sword went through certain modifications. It was cut down and the point reworked accordingly, while the scabbard was also shortened to fit the new length, with a brass drag roughly fitted at the end. This could be some sort of WW1 field modification or a later one, but it is hard to say without any context.

The guard shows the Ottoman crescent moon and star, and the blade bears some very detailed etchings. The stirrup hilt guard is slightly deformed, but it should be easy enough to bring it back into shape with a little bit of work.

Regardless, this is an great example of a seldom seen sword that equipped Ottoman officers in the Middle Eastern front of the Great War.


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