SOLD – Moroccan Nimcha Sabre – 19th century

For sale, a very substantial nimcha sabre, a typical weapon of Morocco. This sabre is definetely a fighting weapon, with a German made blade. The sword is fairly long, and was probably meant to be used by a horseman.

It is in no way a decorative or ceremonial piece, as can be seen by the very rough workmanship on the guard. The hilt is very solid, with a few stable cracks to the horn grip, but no structural issues. It is peened using a Muslim copper coin from the era, and peened as well through the guard.

The blade is decorated with moons and suns, is slightly pitted in places, mostly at the tip, but nothing overly distracting. It was sharpened, and still has some edge left.

Overall, an impressive piece of North African history.


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