SOLD – WW1 era 1845 artillery officer sabre – by Wilkinson

This is a best quality sword made by Wilkinson sometime around WW1 based on the company’s etching. The blade is a bit of a mystery, being devoid of most etchings you would expect to see, as well as sporting no serial number and a rather rare Wilkinson inscription. There is no doubt though that this is a real Wilkinson piece, seeing by the overall great production quality.

The hexagonal proof mark denotes that this is a best quality sword, and includes the corresponding leather lined scabbard that fits the blade like a glove. It was possibly produced for a foot artillery officer, seeing that the blade is the standard infantry length. It shows some signs of use from the scabbard’s drag having been filed following typical wear. The drag itself is stamped with letters that could not be identified. It is possible that it was bought from Wilkinson as a presentation piece, or for use by a regiment, and was not numbered due to the great amount of swords that were being produced at the time.

The whole sword is in near pristine shape, apart from a few chips in the nickel plating of the scabbard and guard, which would polish out easily. The whole assembly is perfectly solid with no rattling at all.

A great piece made to the best fighting standards by the most renowned British company of the time. Such a sword could still be carried by an artillery officer today.


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