SOLD – French infantry officer model 1821 fantaisie – by Coulaux

This is a very high quality version of the French 1821 model for infantry officer. The blade was made by Coulaux in Klingenthal, and based on the signature – Coulaux ainé & Cie à Klingenthal – was made around 1840. No poincons are visible.

This is a fantaisie piece, meaning that it does not fit the standard regulation model. The grip id a wood core covered in shagreen, instead of plain leather or horn, and has a spear tip instead of the usual hatchet tip. The scabbard, which fits like a glove, was made in 1845, just before the new regulation sabre came up. Officers were instructed to change the scabbard, as well as add a toggle to fit the sword knot, which was not done on this piece. It’s also possible that certain officers chose to keep carrying their 1821s even after the 1845 appeared.

The sabre is in near pristine condition, the blade has very few traces of oxydation, which would easily clean up, was service sharpened, and still shows the original polishing marks. The whole assembly is still very solid. The scabbard is in excellent shape, very firm, with only a bit of movement in the fittings. 1821s tend to come in good to poor condition, and this is a great quality example.


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