SOLD – African Service French Infantry Officer Sword non regulation

While this sword is of the 1882 type, it is actually an earlier North African Service type which would explain the lack of nickel plating on the reinforced guard. Officers serving in North Africa, such as the famous Zouaves, popularized this model which eventually replaced the 1845. The reinforced hilt was seen as a plus in an environment where swords were more commonly used.

This sword is a non-regulation, or fantaisie, model. It sports a blade which is a mix of a Toledo and cuirassier types. A very strong, edgeless and stiff forte with a thinner and flexible foible made by Coulaux. The steel guard is of the Nancy type but is also heavily reinforced with each branch having a solidifying bar joined to it.

The sword is in great shape. A small piece of the horn grip is missing, as well as the central strand of the wiring. A very solid sword nonetheless.


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