SOLD- French Petit Montmorency Sabre, Cutlass Size

This is another example of the famous petit Montmorency carried by officers, sailors and soldiers prior and during the French Revolution. This type of sabre started to be carried around 1780, and was extremely popular. During the Revolution, they were made by many different private makers in an endless variety of designs, but following the same general form.

This one is a rather short one, about the size of a cutlass or briquet. It has a rather stout guard, and a light but solid blade. IT was apparently used by a grenadier, an elite type of soldier, judging by the grenade engravings and the remnant of what was probably the inscription “grenadier”.

There is very slight movement in the guard, the exterior branch has a slight bent and the blade has some scuff marks that could be removed easily. Otherwise, this blade is in very good shape.


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