SOLD – 1896 British Cavalry Officer Sabre

This 1896 is a good example of the non-pattern that is the 1896, which is essentially a 1821 heavy cavalry, the pattern becoming the defacto sabre for all types of cavalry officers in 1896.

This example was made by Hawks & Co. based in Picadilly, London, between 1901 and 1908. It has the serial number 6573 and the cypher of Edward VII.

The sword is in nice shape, with few traces of surface rust, a few specs of pitting here and there. The point is slightly warped, but this could be fixed with a bit of patience. The blade is still quite sharp.

The handle is very solid with no rattle or movement. The sharkskin and wiring are complete. This is a very nice piece that would clean up nicely, and a nice intro piece for someone starting a collection.



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