Sold – 1896 Canadian Cavalry Officer Sabre

Swords that bear Canadian marks prior to WW1 are rather rare, even more so in the case of cavalry ones. This 1896 bears the usual beaver symbol that is found on Canadian sabres, which otherwise retained all the hallmarks of British ones.

The sword is marked with Edward VII’s cypher, dating it between 1902 and 1910. It could have been used in the First World War. It does not bear any maker’s mark.

This sword is a most substantial one, heavier than the average cavalry officer sabres of the time, and with a beefier guard. This is visibly a sword that was meant for war and not for parade. The sword is in great shape, with very few blemishes and a very succinct patina in isolated spots.

The sword retains its leather field scabbard which is in good shape with a few scuff marks.

A very desirable piece for any collector of Canadian militaria.




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