Sold – 1845 French Infantry Officer Sabre

This is a very good and sturdy example of a 1845 sabre, the pattern which inspired many other military sabres across the world. This specific blade was made by Chatelrault in 1882. Based on the rack number (matching on the sword and the scabbard) and the makers mark we know that this was meant for an adjudant which is an NCO rank, and who carried this sabre well into WW1.

This example is in great shape, with a solid blade in near pristine condition (some traces of a relatively recent sharpening) with no rattle. It is missing the wire of the grip which is not uncommon on this model. The scabbard is a one ring all steel version, also in great shape with very minor pitting near the chape.

A great piece for the collector and fencer.




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