SOLD – Katar Scissor Dagger

For sale, one of the most unique weapon of India. This katar opens by the pull of the upper grip and reveals an inner third blade. The spring is quite stiff, and probably much more so than it once was, but the mechanism still functions.The hilt shows some remaining silver koftgari, and the blade has... Continue Reading →

SOLD – German Aushilfungsäbel WW1 era

This peculiar sabre was made around WW1 in Austria but destined for German use. It sports an early synthetic grip, not unlike the 1889 German cavalry sabre, but with a much more minimal knuckle guard. The grip is in good shape, except for wear damage on one side. The montmorency type blade is in very... Continue Reading →

SOLD – Silver and Ivory Smallsword

This is a great example of a late smallsword made around the second half of the 19th century in Germany. The hilt is silver, or silver plated and the grip is made of ivory, a very unusual material. The hilt and guard are very elaborately decorated. The blade is blued on the foible with remnants... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 1822 French Light Cavalry Sabre

This 1822 trooper sabre was made in 1877 in Chatellerault and probably used at least until 1887 when the one ring scabbard was introduced for this pattern. This sword had its point shortened and resharpened sometime in its life. The scabbard is slightly bent, but the blade is straight. The sword was rehilted and soldered... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 1804 British Cutlass

For sale, this very nice example of a staple of naval warfare: the 1804 British cutlass. The 1804 was produced until 1814, but continued to be carried aboard ships of the Royal Navy until its replacement by the 1845 pattern, no doubt owning to its extremely simple and resilient construction.This 1804 has had a full... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 1750 Cut Steel Smallsword

For sale this very nice example of a gentleman smallsword from the mid 18th century. The hilt is decorated in a nice cut steel fashion, with coiled silver wire on copper plate. The blade is a classical triangular or carrelet shape, a bit worn down but still quite nice. Minimal pitting along the blade, the... Continue Reading →

SOLD – British 1845 Artillery Sabre

No one quite knows what these swords were used for, but many are marked to the Royal artillery, even though they come in a much smaller format, possibly for a unit serving in tighter quarters than your typical artilleryman.This specific sabre has no visible markings, is very tight and in good shape overall. The hilt... Continue Reading →

SOLD – Shinto wakizashi

This wakizashi dates from the Shinto era (late 16th century to mid 18th), and could perhaps be older as it was cut down from a longer blade. This wakizashi is in need of some love. The scabbard is split and missing its fittings, the ito was varnished by a previous owner and is now brittle,... Continue Reading →

SOLD – 1831 French infantry Gladius

This is the typical gladius which equipped the French infantry. This one was made by Coulaux in Klingenthal in the early 1830s.  It is in good condition. The assembly is very tight with no rattle. It has marks of oxidation all along the blade, and a few minor nicks around the edges. SOLD

SOLD – French Briquet Sabre An XI

This is a great example of a Napoleonic briquet made by the Chaillot company in Dijon. It comes with the original leather scabbard as well as the red felt washer which very rarely survives, let alone in its original color. Sold

SOLD – 1867 German Infantry Officer Degen

This degen was used by infantry officers of the Wurtemburg kingdom. It replaced the 1819 pattern, which differed only by its brass wire grip. It was finally replaced in 1889. The 1867 has an ebony grip, which is very solid.It was made by Gerr. Weyersberg in Solingen.SOLD

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