British 1822 Sergeant Sabre – George IV

This is a scarce example of an 1822 Sergeant Sabre with the hybrid quillback/fullered blade. The guard is marked with George IV's cypher, situating it between 1822 and 1830. It has a fairly large guard, forming nearly a half basket. The blade has some superficial pitting all over, but is otherwise in very good condition.... Continue Reading →

SOLD – German Aushilfungsäbel WW1 era

This peculiar sabre was made around WW1 in Austria but destined for German use. It sports an early synthetic grip, not unlike the 1889 German cavalry sabre, but with a much more minimal knuckle guard. The grip is in good shape, except for wear damage on one side. The montmorency type blade is in very... Continue Reading →

SOLD – Silver and Ivory Smallsword

This is a great example of a late smallsword made around the second half of the 19th century in Germany. The hilt is silver, or silver plated and the grip is made of ivory, a very unusual material. The hilt and guard are very elaborately decorated. The blade is blued on the foible with remnants... Continue Reading →

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