SOLD – Private Purchase 1845 British Cutlass by Thurkle

This is a very scarce version of the 1845 British Navy cutlass made for private purchase. This cutlass could have been used on merchant ships, or on a private yacht sailing in dangerous waters. 

It differs from a regular 1845 in a few points. The guard is curved towards the back instead of slopping down, the sword is held in place in the scabbard with a spring button not unlike police swords. Finally, the grip is made of brass instead of iron.

The guard retains its black lacquer finish inside, but not outside. The scabbard has shrunked slightly, making the tip of the sword go throug he brass chape by a few millimeters. The pommel is also slightly offset, which could have been made this way originally.

The cutlass is marked to Thurkle, a very popular maker in Victorian England.


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