SOLD- French Infantry Officer 1845 model by Coulaux

For sale this very high end version of an 1845 infantry officer sabre made by Coulaux of Klingenthal. Unusual for a Klingenthal piece, this sabre is of very fine craftmanship, with a highly detailed guard, very crisp lines on a robust blade, nice coiled original grip wiring and a high quality scabbard to go along with it.

The blade is in pristine shape and was at some point service sharpened. It still has its original felt washer. The grip is tight, with a bit of a play in the wiring. The scabbard is in good condition, though the drag was seperate when I received it. It has since been repaired. The scabbard fits very snuggly but not too tightly either, a rare thing for a leather scabbard of that age.

I hesitated about selling this one, but as it doesn’t fit in my current collection I am letting someone else enjoy it.


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