Sold – Grand Trunk Railway Regiment Officer Sabre

The Grand Trunk Railway was a train system established in the 1850s to link various parts of Lower and Upper Canada as well as some of the North Eastern United States. During the American Civil War, British colonial authorities were concerned that the North might try to attack the railway, and so in 1862 they created the Grand Trunk Railway Regiment composed of rifle volunteers and artillery units. The regiment saw action a few years later fighting in the Fenian Raids.

This sabre belonged to an officer of this regiment, and is thus built as an 1845 rifle regiment sabre with its signature steel hilt. The blade is in very good shape, with a nice patina showing the wonderful etchings, and is very sturdy with no rattle or movement of any kind. It comes as is with the original leather washer, but no scabbard; although a matching one could easily be acquired. The sword likely dates from the beginning of the regiment, and is marked to Maitland & Co. as well as to the Regiment itself.

Canadian swords of this era are very scarce, even more so when they are marked to such a specific and unique regiment. A great addition to the collection of a sword aficionado, military historian or even train enthusiast.

Price: Sold

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

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