Sold- 1800 British Hanger/Cutlass

I have for sale this mean cutting short sabre of British origin , and likely made around the turn of the 1800s. I have seen a few similar blades online, but it seems that no clear provenance could be established, but it is evident from the style that it was made around the Napoleonic era.

This sabre is really a short bladed version of the 1796 light cavalry. It makes no doubt when holding it that it was meant as a very effective cutting sword, as it is even stouter than the 1796, and is very pleasant to hold. The blade is 27 inches long, 31 and a half in total.

The blade is in good shape, straight, with some areas of pitting that absolutely do not detract from its rugged appearance. No apparent markings. The hilt is very slightly loose,  with some marks on the back strap. The wooden grip is probably missing its leather cover and is split in two separate points, but is still very solid.


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.


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