Sold – 1796 British Infantry Officer Sabre

Inspired by the 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre, this type of sword is often described as a Flank Officer sabre as it was especially appreciated by light infantry commanders. This sword is of course much shorter and lighter than the cavalry version, and represents a non regulation blade that was made in numerous unique variations until the introduction of the 1803 pattern, and even then beyond that.

The hilt is faceted steel and the grip is covered in shagreen. It still retains its silver wire and leather washer and is very tight with no rattling. It has some slight pitting, especially around the pommel.

The blade is in good condition overall, with slight surface corrosion. It is straight but marked with numerous nicks on the edge. As with most swords in this condition it is impossible to tell if these were made during a battle. they do not distract from the overall shape, and the blade itself is very straight and pointy. It has a false edge at the tip, giving it a somewhat oriental look.

It is fortunate that the blade still has its original scabbard. It is slightly pitted but solid. It is missing one screw on its mouth, which could be easily replaced.

It is a well balanced and quick blade which would have been appreciated by many officers of a light infantry unit. A great field version of this weapon.


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

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