Sold -1845 Rifles Officer Sabre by Pillin – Attributed

For sale, this 1845 pattern Rifles Volunteers officer sabre made by Pillin in London for Nodder of Liverpool. The nickle plated blade is in near mint condition, with barely visible corrosion and marked “By Pillin, London for Nodder, Church St. Liverpool” and “Volunteer Rifles”. The hilt is in excellent condition, very tight and solid. the scabbard is slightly corroded, which is usual for the age.

The piece is attributed on the scabbard as well as on the backstrap. Unfortunately, years of polishing and use have made the inscription hard to read. I have not been able to decipher it, but someone with more time might be able to identify the former owner.

It is a sturdy blade with a slightly curvier blade than is usual for this type. A good quality piece for collectors and fencers wishing to acquire a real historical piece.



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