Sold-1857 British Royal Engineers Sabre by Wilkinson

The 1857 pattern is a scarce model that was designed for the Royal Engineers. It was produced for a short time and it was equipped with what was known as the Singh’s Regular Cavalry hilt.

This specific sword was made in August 1872 to an unnamed client by Wilkinson, arguably the most renowned British sword maker of the time. The hilt is made of brass, and has seen action of some nature judging by the small nicks and bumps. The grip lacks some of the shark skin and a small part of the original brass wire.

The blade is beautifully etched with the Royal Engineers’s symbol which is accentuated by the beautiful patina. Unfortunately, the only area of the blade which shows pitting is the maker’s mark area which is mostly gone, but the Wilkinson proof slug and serial number are still clear.

The blade was service sharpened, which means that the sword saw active service. Unfortunately, without knowing the name of the former owner one can only speculate. The British Army was involved in many conflicts around 1872 including the New Zealand’s Land Wars, the Second Anglo-Afghan War or the Anglo-Zulu War.

The sword is straight and very solid, with no rattling. Comes without a scabbard.


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

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