Sold- 1845 French Infantry Officer Sabre

This iconic sabre was in use in the French Army from its inception in 1845 until 1916.

This specific example is marked to Manufacture de Klingenthal Coulaux ainé et Cie (Factory of Klingenthal, Coulaux Senior and Co.) one of the most prolific sword makers of the 19th century. It bears the inspection marks of B and G and the guard is marked to A B with both initials separated by a mameluk dagger. This is likely the mark of a retailer which name is unknown but associated with many high quality pieces. The original leather washer is still in place.

The sword blade is nickel plated as well as the metal parts of the scabbard. The blade is in great condition with only a few very small nicks. The blade was service sharpened at some point in its life, which means it probably served in an armed conflict.

The missing wiring has been replaced by a new one which is solidly in place. The hilt is also very strong with no rattling.

The scabbard is in good shape. The fittings are slightly loose but solid, and nothing is coming apart. The leather is still strong and pliable, and the scabbard stands well on its own.

A great example of a very well like fighting sword which will please any collector or fencer.


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

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