Sold – French General staff officer smallsword – 1767 pattern

This is a very nice example of a classic late 18th century version of the 1767 officer smallsword. Such swords were carried all the way into the French Revolution and the Dawn of the Napoleonic era by infantry officers. It was carried notably by French soldiers serving in the American War, and Lafayette famously gave one to Washington.

This example was likely made around the 1770s to 1780s as can be attested by its oval pommel and very small ricasso.

The blade is of a diamond shape, typical of the late 18th century. It bears no marks but is in great shape with a nice patina. It bears a stronger tang than most smallswords due to its military use. This sword was likely, meant for a general staff officer due to its longer blade at 80 cm long according to the 1776 ordinance.

The grip is solid, made for a right-hander, and wired in copper. The hilt is made of brass and is also very solid.

A very nice and clean example of one of the last military smallswords.


Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.



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