Sold – 1845 Royal Artillery Officer Sabre by Wilkinson

This is a very nice example of an 1845 artillery officer sabre made by the most renowned sword maker of Britain. The blade of his sword is in great condition with a light patina that highlights the gorgeous Victorian etchings.

The blade was made in 1861 for Willoughby Bathurst Hemans, son of George Willoughby Hemans, a famous Irish architect, and grandson of well-known Irish poet Felicia Hemans. Willoughby started his career as a lieutenant, in 1881 he became captain inspector at the Woolwich Royal Gun Factory and in 1885 became Assistant Superintendant.

It bears the motto of the Hemans family and the initials of its former owner.

The guard and scabbard bear an even dark patina. The wiring has recently been restored. The scabbard has a typical pewter collar and its inside is lined with leather as to better preserve the edge. This scarce addition gives it a very smooth unsheathing and preserved the service sharpening.

The sabre is in excellent condition with no rattling whatsoever.


Please contact me ( if you are interested or have any questions.

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