1845 Naval Artillery Officer Sabre – SOLD

This is a rare example of a naval artillery officer sabre. Naval artillery officers were considerably fewer than their terrestrial counterparts, and so their swords are seldom found.

This particular one was retailed by Henry A. Friedeberg in Portsmouth between 1918 and 1937. Friedeberg was one of the major retailers for naval officers from 1848 to 1937. Unfortunately, most of the etchings have been polished out, but the remains of a fouled anchor indicate its link to the naval artillery.

The sword is typical of later examples, the etchings are simple, and the grip is made of patterned leather instead of sharkskin. Nevertheless, it is a sturdy and well-balanced sword that could have been perfectly usable on the field of battle.

The scabbard and sword knot and in great shape. The drag of the scabbard was repaired, probably on the field.

A great addition to any collector of artillery or naval related items.



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