SOLD – 1786 Type British Naval officer Spadroon

This is a very nice example of a 1786 British naval officer spadroon, also sometimes called the “five-ball spadroon”. This type was very popular among naval officers at the start of the Napoleonic War, and was even carried by Admiral Nelson.

This spadroon is very interesting has it was modified by, most probably, it’s naval owner. The counterguard which usually covers the top of the right hand is here cut away and the remains filed off. This could have been made for different reasons: because the guard was damaged, because the officer thought it was in the way when being worn, or because it then looked closer to a hussar type sabre which was by the start of the 1800s a lot more fashionable.

The rest of the guard is in superb shape, with no rattle. The grip’s cartouche bears the fouled anchor and crown, the symbol of the British Navy, and the pommel sports the sword knot’s ring which is often missing. The grip is made of bone.

The blade is in great shape and was visibly well sharpened in its lifetime. It sports a fuller running up to the tip. Unfortunately, any markings were polished off.


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