SOLD – 1845/1895 British Infantry Officer Sabre

This sabre was likely that of an officer who acquired his sword prior to 1895 when the new sword pattern was introduced. As there was more leeway in terms of blades than hilts, some officers elected to simply have their former blades rehilted. This is one example of such a fantastic sabre, bringing the classical 1845 blade design with the very protective 1895 steel hilt.

The blade was likely made by Pillin judged on the proof stamp with the very telling “P”. The maker or retailers mark is unfortunately very hard to read., but the rest of the etchings are fairly clear and brought up by the blade’s patina. This sabre was likely used by an officer who served in India, judged by the Victoria Impress of India monogram.

The blade has some pitting, mostly on the ricasso, while the hilt has surface pitting all over. There is some shark skin missing on the grip, and some strands of wire missing, but the whole thing is still very solid.


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