SOLD – Canadian Militia Infantry Officer Sabre 1845 pattern

This Canadian Militia sabre was likely made between 1856 and 1879, based on the retailer’s address. As is the case with many Canadian Militia swords, the blade was likely made in Solingen, in this case by P.D. Luneschloss, based on the inscription that is found on the back of the blade: “Warranted to cut wrought iron” which can be found on this maker’s swords from the same era.

The sabre is in excellent condition, with a very faint patina, crisp etching and absolutely tight construction. The only blemish is a small nick on the edge near the tip.

The sword shows the tell tale beaver enclosed by the inscription Canada Militia. The Canadian Militia was the traditional name of the standing army from 1855 to 1940. These swords are fairly scarce, and usually command a high price, especially in such an excellent state.


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