SOLD – British Indian Cavalry Officer Sabre – 1796 blade

This is a very nice example of a British sabre made for a colonial Indian officer. This type of sword dates from around the late 19th century to WW1. Indian soldiers appreaciated the 1796 blades, and so it was chosen to have them carry these sabres which are somwehat of an hybrid between the 1796 and the 1821.

A fairly unusual trait of this sabre is the shark skin covered grip, which is usually plain leather. This, and the absence of government marks, would seem to indicate an officer weapon.

The sabre is in excellent shape, with minimal patina. The blade was made by Mole, a reputed company at the time. No movement at all in the hilt. The scabbard is there and is only missing the drag.

A great piece to own for the 1796 afficionado


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