SOLD – 1845 British Infantry Officer Sabre – Attributed

A fine 1845 sabre, the maker is unknown, but based on the initials and the family crest, it was made for H.H. Harwood.

This would probably be Henry Harwood Esq. (1809-1886) who became Deputy Lieutenant to Middlesex County in 1867. Although now purely ceremonial, the Lieutenancy used to be responsible for the various militias in their counties until 1921. This explains the brass and gilded scabbard denoting a staff officer rank. Henry Harwood is also the grandfather to the famous Admiral Sir Henry Harwood. Thank you to Roy Driver for the information.

The blade is in good shape, with very light pitting in parts, but well visible etchings. The shark skin on the grip has shrunk, with very minimal loss from wear. The guard has a visible break around the royal cypher, but the hilt is otherwise extremely solid.

The scabbard has a few bumps and warps, which could be fixed for a fee. It still has most of its gilding, although one side was possibly partly scrubbed off by a previous owner.


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