SOLD – Irish Rifles Officer 1845 Sabre

This rifles sabre was likely used by either a volunteer or Brigade officer serving in Ireland which we can tell by the harp and wreath of clovers. Very unusual, we have no royal monogram on the blade. We do have the British crown both on the guard and the blade, but the lack of any other British symbols could hint a a subtle political commentary by the owner.

The sabre has no makers mark, but judged by the style was probably made around the 1860s or 70s. It bears an indication of the centre of percussion on the back of the blade, illustrated by an arrow with the letters C and P.

The sword is in great shape, the blade almost pristine if only for a few minor nicks. The guard has some oxidation, mostly around where the sword knot would have been wrapped. The whole assembly is very solid with absolutely no rattle or movement.

Th scabbard fits perfectly, is in excellent to pristine shape.

Irish marked sabres are extremely rare and much sought after. Don’t miss you chance to get one.


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